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TKS is a Danish company based in Aalborg.

Our ambition is to provide solutions for our users, so they can obtain high quality of life with active use of internet, Smart-Home control and being part of the digital society and workforce.   


First ideas about development of TKS solutions came with the research of LotteAndreasenStruijk from Centre for Sensory-Motor Interaction at AAU. Her research related to study of tongue mobility and options for people with hard spinal cord and brain injuries was finalized by creating of product called Itongue®. More than 10 years of work has been invested to bring the company TKS from research to the market. Nowadays, TKS is proud to present four products which provide a significant improvement in quality of life of many disabled people:  Itongue®, Ihandle®, Ictrl®and Itremor®.

At TKS we believe that our products will change the world of rehabilitation solutions and how they are regarded and implemented. With our technology, we introduce wireless multi-functionality following the user – and on top of it – securing “invisible” solutions.




Meet us at Rehacare 2016, 28 Sep - 1 Oct.


Experience with Itongue and ihandle