Guideline for installation of Itongue/Ihandle & ICtrl or ITremor application on Android OS Smart Device.

Step 1: Download

Step 2: When downloaded, open this folder on the Smart Device and start the installation.

Step 3: Make sure, which also will be informed on the Smart Device screen, to allow installation of unknown sources.
This can be done on the Smart Device -> Settings->Security->Unknown Sources


ITongue/IHandle & ICtrl (Android) – Version 1.3.3B

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ITremor application (Android) – Version 1.2.0

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ITremor Mouse (drivers)

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VisualFeedback PC (OS:Win/MAC)

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Brochures and Leaflets

User manuals

Itongue ® version 5.0


Ihandle ® version 4.1


Ictrl ® version 2.2


Itremor ® version 0.4


Itremor mouse ® version 0.5

Brochures and leaflets

Products presentation – english






Products presentation – french


Products presentation – slovak