Søren Mørch

About TKS

The first ideas in the development of TKS solutions came from the research by Lotte Andreasen Struijk from Centre for Sensory-Motor Interaction at AAU. Her research related to the study of tongue mobility and options for people with hard spinal cord and brain injuries. This research resulted in the product called Itongue®. More than 10 years of work has been invested to go from research to a final product and now TKS is proud to present five products which can provide a significant improvement in quality of life for people in wheelchairs. The products are: Itongue®, Ihandle®, Ictrl®, Itremor® and Itremor Mouse®.

TKS A/S is a spin-off company from Aalborg University (AAU), and is today lead by Søren Mørch.

Our Mission

At TKS our mission is to make life easier for wheelchair users all over the world. This we will do by offering new solutions within welfare technology, which provides wheelchair users with a higher quality of life.  

We are located in Nibe, Denmark


Nibe Erhvervspark

Skalhuse 5, 9240 Nibe


Our Story


First ideas of development of Itongue by Lotte Andreasen Struijk. (Center for Sensory – Motor Interaction, IHST, Aalborg University)


patent application


TKS A/S was born


Dialogue and interactions with potential users 


First version of iTongue is ready for testing


Itongue CE approved. 


Ihandle was launched on the marked


Itremor was launched on the marked


Itremor Mouse was launched on the marked